J & D | Intimate Cuvier Park La Jolla Wedding

by | September 26, 2018

The Venue


If you’re having an intimate ceremony or dream of saying your vows with a stunning view of the ocean you should consider this location. Cuvier Park, also known as “the wedding bowl” is one of the most popular places in La Jolla to have a wedding.  I can totally see why; it’s a gorgeous location!  But if you want to have a wedding here, you’ll need to book it at least a year in advance with San Diego Parks & RecreationThe park is semi-private so if it’s a busy day at the beach, expect friendly on-lookers from above but also cheers and well wishes from the public.  Afterward, there are so many options for bride and groom portraits which are another reason why it’s a great choice.


The Couple


J & D got married on a cloudy July day, surrounded by their family and closest friends.  J wore a beautiful light pink ballgown style dress with a rose and baby’s breathe flower crown.  I just love it when brides wear flower crowns instead of veils!  D wore a navy blue wedding suit and tie.

One of the best parts of my job is getting to meet new people.  I love it when couples are really nice, like this one.  J the bride was so warm and friendly and they were both really sweet and easy going.  We had a great time after the ceremony strolling along the coast looking for the perfect spots for their bride and groom photos.  Luckily, the location made it easy. The photos in front of the ocean are my favorites!

Afterward, they celebrated at a restaurant with their guests.  Congratulations J & D I wish you many years of happiness!!

Associate shooting for Kelly Jett Photography


groom-looking-at-bride-wedding-ceremony-cuvier-park-la-jolla groom-laughing-during-ceremony-at-cuvier-park-la-jolla bride-looking-at-groom-wedding-ceremony-cuvier-park-la-jolla bridal-bouquet-with-pink-roses-white-daisies cuvier-park-la-jolla-wedding-ceremony bride-laughing-at-cuvier-park-la-jolla-wedding-ceremony groom-putting-ring-on-brides-finger-wedding-bowl-la-jolla cuvier-park-la-jolla-wedding-ring-exchange wedding-ceremony-prayer-cuvier-park-wedding-bowl wedding-first-kiss-cuvier-park-wedding-bowl bride-pink-ballroom-gown-cuvier-park bride-pink-with-rose-flower-crown-cuvier-park-la-jolla bride-groom-posing-by-la-jolla-beach-cuvier-park bride-kissing-groom-in-front-of-ocean-la-jolla-wedding-bowl bride-twirling-dress-groom-watching-cuvier-park-la-jolla bride-in-ballroom-gown-twirling-in-dress-cuvier-park-la-jolla groom-leaning-against-wall-near-wedding-bowl-la-jolla newlyweds-forehead-to-forehead-smiling-at-each-other-wedding-bowl bride-groom-posing-by-wall-wedding-bowl-la-jolla groom-looking-on-as-bide-poses-by-wall-near-wedding-bowl-la-jolla bride-posing-near-wall-wedding-bowl-la-jolla bride-groom-posing-under-beach-structure-la-jolla-wedding-bowl bride-groom-kissing-on-park-bench-near-cuvier-park-la-jolla wedding-bowl-la-jolla-bride-groom-looking-at-camera groom-helping-bride-down-stairs-near-la-jolla-wedding-bowl bride-groom-kissing-on-beach-near-wedding-bowl-la-jolla bride-groom-posing-on-beach-near-cuvier-park-la-jolla bride-groom-posing-in-front-of-beach-near-cuvier-park-la-jolla bride-standing-on-beach-with-bouquet-cuvier-park-la-jolla-wedding bride-groom-standing-in-front-of-ocean-cuvier-park-la-jolla-wedding bride-groom-kissing-at-ocean-la-jolla-weddings

Whether you’re planning an elopement, intimate ceremony or formal wedding, I’d love to chat with you!  Get in touch.




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