It’s pronounced JUH-lee-ah…

Just in case you were wondering.  Now we’ve got that cleared up…

Hey y’all!  That’s the southern girl in me shining through.  I’m Linda, a Florida girl at heart and San Diego transplant. I live with my husband, two kids, and my dog Ranger, who loves to keep me company when I’m working at my desk.  One of these days I’m gonna teach him how to edit photos.

Before I became a photographer and a mom, I got a degree in social work.  I thought I was going to save the world but, instead, my life took another path. I decided that helping others by creating cherished family heirlooms (aka your photos) and raising good humans would be my contributions to society.  Apparently, I’m doing a good job because, hello, have you met my kids? They’re awesome!  Wouldn’t have it any other way.

But I’m not all about my kids and my camera. A few other things about me:

I’m a Vietnamese Amerasian (shout out to my fellow half-Asians!) and a thin crust pizza kind of girl.  Growing up in a Vietnamese household meant that I got to eat as much ph as I wanted. Don’t be jealous!

When I’m not freezing time with my camera, I like going to concerts and watching cover bands channel Jim Morrison or Bono. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music;  while I lean towards alternative rock, anything from punk to pop is playing in the background when I edit photos.

My favorite pastime is pinning recipes I’ll never get around to making and watching the Twin Peaks series (any David Lynch fans out there?).  I have a thing for cheesy dance movies too, like Center Stage and Save the Last Dance.

I’d love to hear all about you. If you think you’d like to have me as your own personal cheering section at your wedding, or if you just need some portraits, drop me a line and say hi.  

My people...

My husband is my biggest supporter and fan and the one most likely to have a homemade meal waiting for me when I come home from a long day at a wedding.

My kids are the reason why I got started in photography.  I wasn’t very good about filling out baby books so I documented their childhood by taking photos instead. I have them to thank for finding my passion (or if I’m being perfectly honest, obsession). So it only seemed fitting that I name my business after them.

My furry co-conspirator

Our part Maltese/terrier rescue dog, Ranger.  He helps me cull images by giving a paw up or paw down and will work for walks around the park and treats.

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