The decision to hire a photographer can be a tough one.  There are so many choices out there and you don’t know what the outcome will be.  I asked my clients if they had any fears or concerns regarding their decision to spend money on photography and/or hire me.  Here’s what they had to say about that and their session:

Linda was highly recommended.  She performed several other photo shoots for my wife and I.  We have always been pleased with her work.  The photos in the vineyard after the wedding were my favorite part.  It was fun and we got great photos.  Linda captured moments of us expressing our love for each other.  We look happy and natural instead of the normal pre-posed photos we normally take.  Linda does an amazing job of capturing a persons natural beauty and happiness, you feel very relaxed.  Photos are the highest quality.”

I really liked your work that I saw on your website so I didn’t have any doubt that I’d like your pictures and knew that capturing the moment would be worth every penny.  My favorite part was my proposal and that you captured the moment perfectly.  I couldn’t have imagined better pictures to be taken at the right times.  I liked the warmth that your pictures brought to express the moment.  I normally look pale or red and you fixed that perfectly.  Linda was so fun and easy to work with.  She did everything I asked of her to make sure my proposal and the pictures were perfect.  I enjoyed the photo shoot and the effort that she put into capturing the entire moment.  From the proposal to our photo shoot in the vineyards, she did an amazing job.  I would definitely recommend her.

“I didn’t have any fears because I worked with professional photographers before, but even if I did, they would have been allayed by your professional attitude and warm personality!  My favorite part about the session was your willingness to try different poses and locations.  You gave guidance without being pushy.  There is absolutely no reason to think that you don’t deserve or can’t afford a professional photography session , and you’ll be so happy with the results!  We hired Linda to shoot our family for holiday cards with no expectations other than perhaps we’d get one nice photo.  She totally exceeded our expectations – we had so much fun shooting in Balboa Park, and had our choice of many incredible shots!  It is so special to have these moments in our lives captured.  Linda is so incredibly warm – you’ll love her instantly.  It’s so easy to be yourself – and this shows in the relaxed nature of the pictures.  Call her!”

“We had no fears.  We were excited for you to capture our moments.  We loved that you made us feel so comfortable.  My brother has really bad anxiety and does not do well under pressure , but he felt very at ease during the family portion of our photo shoot.  I also love that you captured our real family moments.  Our photos were so unique and showed the real us!  You have to use Jalea Photography!!!  She is amazing at her craft and you will feel so comfortable.  Your photos will come out beautifully and you will feel well taken care of.  Your session will never feel rushed and it really will feel like a normal day with your loved ones.  She will capture the true you and you will treasure your photos forever!!!”

Managing multiple kids on a photo shoot can be challenging…for both the parents and the photographer!  You were very patient and helpful – you’re great with kids and getting them to cooperate!  Also, the location ideas you gave were great (on both occasions!).  Linda is super sweet to work with and her love for photography shows in all aspects.  Her attention to location, lighting, & her clients gives great results that you’ll love.  I’m super picky and can be somewhat of a control freak when it comes to things like this but with Linda, I can relax and let her do her thing.  I just love her work.

“Linda made us feel comfortable and we had fun during the session with our kids.  Casual yet very professional.  We looked like our best version of actual self.  Better than ones we take of course. The lighting and background were perfect.  We didn’t have to worry about anything other than showing up and having fun.  She helped us get the photos of our family we wanted to capture, including our 4 yr old and 6 month old.  Linda is terrific.  Definitely hire her!  She’s professional, knowledgeable, fun and artistic with wonderful attention to detail that makes the session easy.”

“Everything felt very natural and my family felt relaxed and at ease.  She captured us how we really are.  We loved working with Linda!  She worked so well with our kids and was very time efficient.  I was a little worried because I needed my photos in time for Christmas and she got them to me right away!  The images were beautifully edited and were more amazing than I imagined.  We will definitely be using her services again!”

“You must use Jalea Photography.  I had no fears hiring Linda.  She is great getting back to you, her photos come out phenomenal and she makes the session fun and worry free!  My favorite part of the session was how willing and in-tune Linda was with our family.  She made us feel so comfortable!”

“The shoot was a positive experience.  Linda is great.  I like how she followed us.  It was so natural and didn’t feel staged at all.  Working with her feels so organic.  She gives great pointers to get great pictures.  It was such a pleasure.”

“I was excited to be getting family shots.  I appreciate the effort to work out the photo site.  Linda worked with us to pick the spot then went ahead of time to check out the timing/light.  She did a great job capturing our family.  She was prompt, easy to get along with and took some great photos!”

“Linda already had poses and locations planned out and it was like hanging out with a friend who happened to be taking pictures which was relaxing.  The lighting and the poses made me look way better than I usually look in photos.  You should hire Linda to take photos, because they will turn out beautiful.”

I like that you talked to me about what I wanted and then helped me pick a beautiful outdoor location that matched the kind of pictures I was hoping for.  Linda really worked with us to understand the kind of pictures we wanted, and took beautiful ones.  I really treasure our photos from her.


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