“I didn’t have any fears because I worked with professional photographers before, but even if I did, they would have been allayed by your professional attitude and warm personality!  My favorite part about the session was your willingness to try different poses and locations.  You gave guidance without being pushy.  There is absolutely no reason to think that you don’t deserve or can’t afford a professional photography session , and you’ll be so happy with the results!  We hired Linda to shoot our family for holiday cards with no expectations other than perhaps we’d get one nice photo.  She totally exceeded our expectations – we had so much fun shooting in Balboa Park, and had our choice of many incredible shots!  It is so special to have these moments in our lives captured.  Linda is so incredibly warm – you’ll love her instantly.  It’s so easy to be yourself – and this shows in the relaxed nature of the pictures.  Call her!”

Jill K.

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